The InfoGenetics™ Story

IG is based on research showing that the best way to master an activity is to break it down into its individual skill sets. By focusing on the detailed skills, an athlete more quickly makes those skills an "automatic" part of his or her game. IG combines the IG Matrix, a color-coded skills map and performance measurement tool, with expert video of all the skills. Although our first product is basketball, we will release IG products for other sports, as well as solutions for education and the arts.

The company's founder, Rick Bigelow, is a lawyer who played college basketball. He taught his children to be passionate about learning, and shelled out the bucks to pay for training in volleyball, basketball, swimming, ballet, ballroom dance, and for college educations. What he learned through all of this is that the current systems of education and coaching give only general, sporadic feedback that is not sufficiently detailed, often verbal, and easy-to-forget.

With advances in technology and the Internet, only recently has it been possible to implement a system like IG. Looking back at the successful careers of his children, Rick can't help but think, "It would have been so much better with IG."