How Good is your Game?

You've got a great underhand lay-up, but how's your defense? Nice rebounding... are you protecting your dribble?

IG breaks down the game into fundamental skill areas so you can clearly see where you need to focus. Watch expert videos of each skill and track your progress online. When you have the fundamentals down cold, you can keep your focus on the Game. Get IG and become a complete player.

Benefits of IG

  • Learn the game - Our Igene™ descriptions and expert videos show you each skill set.
  • Build Consistency - IG helps you "practice until you can't miss".
  • Walk onto the court with Confidence.
  • Increase your Competitiveness.
  • Be an Impact Player - Make a difference every time you're in the game.
  • Take Control of your skills development.
  • Use IG throughout your sports career to continue building core skills.