"I believe in learning by repetition, until everything becomes automatic."

- John Wooden

Skills training is critical to developing impact players and building winning teams. IG breaks down the game into fundamental skills. Players practice smarter - and skills become "automatic" faster. As a coach, you have limited time to spend working with each player. With IG, you can give personalized skills training to each athlete without adding hours to your schedule.

Benefits of IG

  • Give Better Feedback - IG lets you give detailed, personalized feedback to each player on each skill.
  • Extend Your Reach - Give training assignments and track the players' progress online.
  • Get Organized - Access player info anytime and print out player reports.
  • Show Parents a Return on Their Investment - Parents spend a lot of money on their kid's programs. IG helps you show them how much their child has improved.
  • Engage Players - Using IG, each of your players will be motivated to get serious about their own development.


IG Evaluations

Use the IG Videos and Skill Guidelines to help your players learn each skill. Then, schedule an IG Evaluation to measure your team's improvement.