IG Online Subscription - For athletes and coaches. Get access to the IG video library and use the IG Matrix™ to track skill development. Pricing based on group size.

IG Evaluation - Get evaluated by an IG-Certified Evaluator so you know exactly where to focus your skills training.



IG Matrix™ - Displays progress in individual skill areas, or Igenes™. The Matrix™ is an easy-to-use, color-coded display. It provides both a quick overview of a player's strengths and weaknesses, as well as a way to organize training materials associvated with each Igene™.

Skill Descriptions - Each Igene™ comes with a precise description about how it should be performed.

Video Library - Igenes™ link to an expert video in the IG Video Library. Watch video clips as many times as necessary to master the Igene™.

On-Demand Platform - IG provides access to coaches and players anytime, anywhere. The IG database is a convenient way to store player records online.

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