How IG Works: 1. Get Evaluated 2. Practice Skills 3.Repeat

Your Secret Weapon

Basketball's a fast game. There's no time to stop and think about what to do next. Great players can adapt quickly because they have an arsenal of fundamental skills at their fingertips.

IG breaks down the game into fundamental core skills with a description and a video showing you exactly how to perform that skill. The IG Matrix™ lets you see your weak areas and track your improvement. By practicing at the limit of your abilities, you learn faster and retain skills longer. Get IG and unleash your true potential!

Here are the Details

  1. Sign up with IG and review fundamental skill areas.
  2. Get evaluated by an IG-certified evaluator.
  3. Review your IGMatrix™. If you're on a team, see how you compare to your teammates.
  4. Watch the IG Videos and work on your weak skills.
  5. Track your improvement online.
  6. Get re-evaluated regularly.

Skills Matrix


Skills Videos